1. What happens when you donate Nobrow postcards to a nursery school. I found this graffitied Hilda in my 4 year old son’s workbook! @thatlukeperson


  2. Sneak peak of the astonishingly beautiful #17x23 #Comic - #Fish by #BiancaBagnarelli available very soon from our website on pre-order to ship in August.


  3. Bumper artist day today with @jimtheillustrator popping in to sign copies too! #MrTweedsGoodDeeds


  4. #simonaciraolo signature!


  5. #SimonaCiraolo signing copies of her new book #HugMe (all about a little cactus in need of a hug!). Signed copies will be available to pre-order soon!


  6. #elcaf2014 bird’s eye view. (at Oval Space)


  7. @jmoyns doing his art work for the screenprinting workshop at
    #elcaf2014 (at Oval Space)


  8. Amazing book for DIY screenprinting studio available in lobby workshop at #elcaf2014 (at Oval Space)


  9. #elcaf2014 is now open! (at Oval Space)


  10. A very jetlagged intrepid @jmoyns arrives at #elcaf2014 all the way from LA - his talk is at 12:30 today! (at Oval Space)