1. Setting up at #fumetto comics festival in Switzerland. (at Bourbaki Bar/Bistro)


  2. Sitting on the tube and this guy is staring at me…


  3. Off cuts from a guillotine session - prepping a big display for #fumetto comics festival in Switzerland - made up from damaged stock #recycle


  4. @benjinewman and @kingbaliol mixing up colour for #nobrow9 mini-prints. #inkyfingers


  5. Hilda & The Black Hound is now available @nobrowshop Here is @thatlukeperson signing away in our meeting room :)


  6. liam-barrett:

    A quick warm up… It’s almost that time of year again.


  7. (via Nobrow – A Very Special Year)

    To celebrate, and really help lift those January blues, we’ll be holding a one-week sale at our London shop on Great Eastern Street. From 13.01.14 to 19.01.14 you can get 20% off all Nobrow and Flying Eye products, including: books, magazines, prints, wrapping paper, posters and toys. We’ve got a good feeling about this year…

    Illustration by Karine Bernadou for Nobrow Magazine


  8. Xmas has landed in the Nobrow Shop! (at Nobrow)


  9. This one for Emily Hughes ‘Wild’ is brilliant! Love it! :-) great work from students at Winchester college of art.


  10. icon8-pdx:

    Nobrow Press was founded to publish books that deserve to be printed. That alone deserves a spot on the ICON8 main stage. The fine folks from Nobrow will be crossing a mighty ocean and most of the USA to make it to Portland. Join us in a great adventure!